HappilySituated_CherylGinnings_2015-3Cheryl Ginnings

Cheryl Ginnings has been married to Monte Ginnings almost 49 years. They have three children and five grandchildren.  Their oldest, Blake, has cerebral palsy and has been an inspiration to the family and to those who know him. Although Cheryl was a full-time mom at home with the children growing up, she finished her degree at Sam Houston State University in 1992 with honors dealing with families with special needs children.  She produced a video about this that was used on TV and two universities. When the youngest was ready to attend college, Cheryl began working in real estate.  She excelled in this and won lots of awards and honors for her work with others. She was in the first Leadership OAR class of 2005.  Cheryl is still a Broker and holds many honors in this field.During their years as a minister’s family, Cheryl was active in helping others in every way possible. She started a network for minister’s wives and later to help others connect when they are experiencing problems.During the past year Cheryl was a co-author in a book that became an International Best Selling book #LOVE: A NEW GENERATION OF HOPE compiled by Anita Sechesky in Canada.  She became an International Best Selling Author and is an International Speaker.A few months later she was one of the coauthors in THE CHANGE, book 5 coauthored with Jim Britt and Jim Lutes.  The proceeds of the kindle help stop sex trafficking.She has recently been recognized in National Association of Professional Women VIP Woman of the Year Circle.  Also by Continental Who’s  Who in Professional Business, and will be featured in the “Woman of Distinction” magazine.Cheryl offers insight into everyday challenges and helps people realize they are not alone.  Cheryl’s family have overcome many obstacles in their lives and learned how to share hope with others.  She loves speaking and writing.

Talk Title: “Courage to Overcome takes Hope, Humor & Humility!”


Lynne Sagen Lynne Sagen

Lynne Sagen,
has a passion to support you in clarifying your vision and to get your message out. People have called Lynne a Tech Goddess,  and Rock Solid, Grounded, Event Manager, even and Angel. Lynne has over 20 yrs engineering experience specializing in Laser Systems and High Volume High Tech Manufacturing leading MultiMillion Dollar projects, and training her teams to be able to replace her when she is gone. She has often be the first and only female engineer in the organization, and has even at one time been called “SIR”, and at one point she was even a Pizza Delivery Driver. Lynne has also spent the last 20yrs on her own self-development and leadership journey which includes 14+ yrs with Landmark Education’s Leadership programs including Team Management and Leadership, and the Introduction Leaders Program. Lynne is also a certified Train the Trainer, and graduate of Guerrilla Business School. Lynne is passionate about helping others find their voice, clarifying their vision,finding solutions and turning their vision into reality.

Talk Title: “Do You See Me?”


Eva Harren 2

Eva Angvert Harren

Eva Angvert Harren is the founder and owner of BEAM LiFE International, a coaching business she started in 1995. She is a Certified Intergral Coach, a Somatic Experience Practitioner, and a TIPI specialist. She uses a body-centered approach that helps you become more of you, helps you to beam from your core. She teaches you to connect fully with your intuitive intelligence, and bring you relief from negative habits, anxiety, and a troubled past—all without having to relive your story. Her business offers coaching from the core. She offers the BEAM LiFE Process as a tool to find your personal power. You gain clarity to what’s next on your journey and you truly feel the confidence and courage to take your next step toward your brilliance. She also empowers people on the Autistic Spectrum into a Lifestyle of Mental and Emotional Ease and Comfort. When working with Eva You Come Alive with empowered clarity, confidence, and courage to be…You! In other words, Eva will help you become that person you’ve always known you could be!

Talk Title: “Out of My Straight Jacket”



Brenda SmallBrenda Small

Brenda Small is Founder and CEO of Powered with Potential LLC (PWP), Washington, DC based Speaker-Consultant-Coach-Mentor, personal and professional development expert. Brenda is writing her first book, Powered with Potential: Ignite the Inner Dynamic (30 Day Plan to Creating a Better You), where she guides you through the “internal clean-up process to overcome “potential” barriers that can inhibit peace, fulfillment and success in life. Brenda is your “partner for potential explosion”. Her passion is to help women tap their unlimited potential to create and become more in life by design, not default. She knows what it’s like to be a smart, gifted woman without a coach or mentor and roadmap to maneuver the personal and business journey. “You don’t need to travel alone.” Brenda shares how to turn odds in your favor in the face of adversity and will inspire and empower. Brenda walks the talk! She pushed beyond childhood lack, dependency on welfare and food stamps, wearing hand-me-down Salvation Army clothes and shoes with holes, overcoming teen pregnancy and single-parenthood to become a Cum Laude B.A. graduate, real estate entrepreneur and leader, businesswoman and professional speaker. Brenda has empowered hundreds of professionals to push potential to new levels.

Talk Title: “TRUTH is Your Power Line to Success: Turn Pain Points to Power Points”


RitaheadshotRitaFaith MacRae

RitaFaith MacRae
is co-founder and senior partner of Solstice Strategy Partners. Rita is known for blending proven spiritual principles with practical business strategies teaching her clients how to fully embrace their path of spiritual entrepreneurship. Rita is passionate about empowering men and women to take responsibility of their dreams and radiate love in the world. She enjoys spending time with her friends and family in New Hampshire, singing and playing her acoustic guitar. Rita’s mission is to inspire 1 billion men and women by 2020 to recognize their own personal power and acknowledge the Universe supplies more than enough, of everything, for everyone! Rita holds a bachelor degree in psychology from Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts – the oldest women college in the world . A Masters in Education from Springfield College in Massachusetts and a nursing degree from Henry Abbott in Connecticut.

Talk Title: “Dare to be You!”


                                                                               Carolyn Cj Jones
cj headshot-black jacket

Carolyn CJ Jones is a forgiveness expert, motiovational speaker, transformational coach, award-winning author, and former registered nurse who has been relieving people’s emo- tional and physical pain since 1974. Listening to people’s problems is second nature for her, as is assisting people to identify any detrimental story they may have. CJ learned to change her own 30-year anger and bitterness story when she discovered how to forgive. This changed her life from emotional misery to one of exquisite emotions. CJ is passion- ate about sharing with women and men what she has learned from the unfolding of her life’s journey. She finds great joy in guiding others to see with fresh eyes, from a differ- ent perspective. Using forgiveness, CJ leads and supports others as they change their story and change their life from stress and feeling “stuck,” to peace, freedom, and joy.


Talk Title: “Change Your Story, Change Your Life”



Jill Hendrickson

Jill Hendrickson

As the world’s No. 1 “Writing as a Tool for Healing” mentor, Author and Speaker Jill Hendrickson helps women turn their difficult experiences into stories—and books—about empowerment and transformation. Her most recent project has been a group book of personal essays by feminine entrepreneurs entitled, “Supercharge Your Success.” As an award-winning writer and a survivor of domestic violence, Jill understands how to find the gift in your devastating experience and use it to bounce you higher and shoot you to your goal. She draws on her work with enlightened masters of the East as well as her years as an international journalist, travel writer, university writing professor, and healer. Jill has created a movement to empower one million women worldwide to turn their setback into their comeback and their “mess” into their success using writing as a tool for healing. You may download a digital version of her book, “Victim to Victory” at no charge from her website at www.JillHendrickson.com

Beth Osmer

Beth Osmer, CHT, DHP practices a very powerful therapeutic model called Depth Hypnosis. She is a certified Hypnotherapist and Depth Hypnosis Practitioner and has trained extensively in Shamanism, Buddhism, and Energy Medicine through the Foundation of the Sacred Stream.
As a person who is intimately familiar with personal struggle due to the many challenges she experienced in her own life, she has dedicated herself to helping others overcome the many hurdles and challenges in life. With many losses early on, and a survivor of child abuse, she understands what it takes to heal.


Jessica Hadari

Jessica Hadari is the founder of the FEM Talks Alliance of Women Leaders, Educators & Healers and the 6 Figure Wisdom Series. She produces the Miracle Salon, a celebrated wisdom-share and networking event attended by nearly 100 women every month. Fulfilling her mission to showcase the brilliance of feminine wisdom, Jessica puts over 50 women on her stage each year. Having grown up on stage as a performer, Jessica understands the growing pains that arise with self expression and being seen. Passionate about personal growth, in community, for 15 years she has been privileged to produce many workshops, retreats, and seminars. She enjoys teaching healers how to create and fill their own profitable workshops and programs. Jessica is a mother, writer, artist, hospice caregiver, master yoga teacher, holistic health practitioner, officiant, unconditional friend and voice of accountability in her Bay Area women’s communities. www.FemTalks.org

Kara McKay

Kara McKay is an international Trainer and Facilitator devoted to guiding women back home to the wisdom their bodies! She is the founder of Sacred Sassy Life and Body Coaching and the co-creator of the Vividly Women Coaching and Lifestyle Program, where she now trains other coaches to thrive in their sacred service. Kara has been called a blend of equal parts Intuitive, Therapist, and Shaman. She is a regular columnist writing for the Business Heroine Magazine and Radiant Woman Magazine. She is the creator of the “The Beautiful Divorce” a map to the peaceful completion of marriage and putting an end to the suffering and shame of divorce! Kara has been a featured guest on the Rachel Raye Show and has many local radio and TV appearances. Last but not least, She is also a mama! Kara spends her free time dancing, writing, collaging, hiking, and dreaming up her next adventure. www.SacredSassy.com

Erin Delaney
Trained in Non-Violent Communication, Voice Dialogue and the Collaborative Operating System, Erin is a professional life coach and dance teacher with an M.A. in Ritual and the Healing Arts from Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She has taught expressive movement in over fifty schools and several group homes for teens. Over the last twenty years, Erin has worked with hundreds of women in the areas of self expression, empowerment, and sexual integrity. She lives in the Bay Are a with her husband Dionisio Ceballos (artist & filmmaker) and their teenage daughter Emilia (piano player and baker extraordinaire!) Erin and Dionisio held a business together, The Committed Couple Inc, where they assisted couples in diving deeper into collaboration and intimacy. From this business, and seeing how so many women were shut down sexually, she moved into her mission work of helping women heal from sexual shame so they can step into their highest purpose and live life from an empowered place of being, as the amazing women they are!


Meta Lackland
Meta Lackland
Meta Lackland has helped business owners across the globe to identify key areas of frustration and stagnation in their business. Meta’s key passion is to help small business owners and women leaders take their vision to the next level. Meta’s coaching style is unique. She combines the latest in neuroscience technology with proven stress reduction methods and the conflict resolution techniques of NVC (non-violent communication). Meta’s business expertise is in the management of Sponsored Research (federal and private funded research) at the university and hospital level. She has managed teams at the University of Miami and Florida International University and she has managed portfolios that range from $35 million to $350 million in federal and sponsored research. She has been a key innovator in restructuring systems. She has been recruited for her eye for detail and the ability to create community. Meta believes in community. She has created and led women circles in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has trained life and health coaches as part of the Faculty and Staff at the World School of Holistic Healing. She has a degree in Anthropology. She is a Master Practitioner of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming). She has training in TRE (tension and trauma release), NVC (non-violent communication) and Life & Business Coaching. She leads and facilitates Family and Business Constellations in the Bay.



                                                                     Marie Wallace
Marie’s passion for encouraging women over forty to be all they can be was inspired by her mother. She is passionate about letting women know that it is never too late and they are never too old to follow their dreams and passions which only they can bring to the world, no matter where they are in life. She is on a mission to encourage women to uncover and pursue their dreams, successfully create their own reality, and live the life they desire. Through Second Act Success, Marie provides opportunities in different programs she’s created, to help women raise the curtain on their own second act. Marie is a successful realtor and is the executive managing director of a Sacramento region chapter of a national women’s networking organization. She has served on industry and school athletics boards and raised thousands of dollars for nonprofits. Marie received the Keller Williams’ Humanitarian Award and is a Masters Club Member. Years of singing and musical theatre inspired her business name, Second Act Success. Marie is a wife, mother and grandmother.


Sahar_Photo_NewSahar Nafal

Sahar Nafal, founder of “The Bright Side of Life” Women’s Community, is a Community Builder Expert and the creator of the Bright Side of Everything 2 day live events. Sahar is a speaker and leader who have devoted her business to assisting women build stronger, deeper, and more passionate communities.Sahar Started the Bright Side of Life Women’s Community with six women in her family room. Seven years later, T​he Bright Side of Life welcomes over 75000 who attended her monthly gatherings and workshops. As we witness women leaders rising to network to innovate and to belong to the biggest change in the world, Sahar’s vision as a speaker is to inspire women all over the world to come together for a great community and collaboration as she takes the audience on a deeper understanding of the journey of Community Building. A Dynamic speaker, Sahar has presented “ Why the human heart longs to belong” talk and has shared the stage with industry giants such as John Gray, Lisa Nichols, Marian Williamson, Les Brown, Tim Kelly, Deepak Chopra, Seval Oz and many others- See more at SaharNafal.com
Sahar was named Women-Owned Business of the Year by Women’s Initiative for Self Employment, and Women of Legacy Award by Powerful Women International. and was featured in the Wall Street Journal.
She is devoted to the success and happiness of her Community clients, spending influential time with her two college age daughters and her many cousins; enjoys walking and connecting with nature, photography, traveling the world, and spending inspirational time with her close friends.