Round 2 Speakers

Woohoo!!  You made it to Round 2 of the audition process to share your inspirational story at the 2nd Annual Speak Your Truth Conference on October 9 & 10, 2015.  It’s true, close to 50+ submissions were made and we’ve narrorwed it down to 20.

The next step is to submit your $25 application fee and then schedule your 30 minute video conferencing call with me. During the call, you will be presenting your 20 minute story.  From there, the final 7 speakers will be selected to speak at this years conference.

Be prepared to share your 20 minute story with me as if you are sharing it on stage. Your challenge/adversity and steps you took to overcome it, and the lesson you want to share with the audience about your story. Keep in mind this is not your business talk. This is your opportunity to Speak Your Truth about your own personal journey!

Remember, it doesn’t need to be perfect as you will still have plenty of time to practice before October if you’re selected. The video conference call will be recorded. 

We will be using a program called  You will want to download it into your computer and setup a free account before our scheduled call so all you’ll need to do is click on the link I send you 15 minutes before your scheduled call to get started.

Click the Add to Cart button to submit your $25 application fee.

Click the Link to Schedule your 30-minute video conference with me. Please Schedule between June 15 and June 19.

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