Rave Reviews

“A conference where women tell their stories, share, uplift, get real, and motivate each other through vulnerability and honesty. A safe place to share and release your shame. A circle of women to come together, dance, celebrate, and bond in sisterhood”
-Vaibhavi R. Patel, Embody Living, Berkeley, CA

“I would say the most amazing feeling of this conference is feeling safe to share my feelings, my fears, and my story. The biggest learning transformation for me was that it is okay to speak my truth and to have a voice. It is important that I believe in myself”
-Amie Kuznicki, The Seany Foundation, Davisburg, MI

“There is no greater gift than feeling safe enough to share your wounds with others. Mary Liu and her incredible leadership team, volunteers, and talent make this space and hold it for you as they help guide you forward to the light that is freedom from shame”
-Melanie Robins, Berkeley, CA

“The energy created in the room was so loving, I could take my mask off and be free to be me
-Eva Angvert Harrem, Beam Life, Castro Valley,CA

“I entered with the willingness to show up, share, and learn from this community of sacred women. The experience was beyond what I could have imagined. It was a safe space in which to reveal my innermost self, allow myself to be heard, acknowledge my strengths and fears, and let go of things that are holding me back. The result was a clearing of energies that have served me well and was their time to go. I give great thanks to myself for my participation and loving myself enough to let go”
-Julie Keenman, Circle K Studio, San Pablo, CA

“Mary took a scary topic like speaking your truth into an amazing and safe journey. The speakers and facilitators were top notch. This is not another networking event. This is a transformational journey! Thank you, Mary!”
-Meta Lackland, Coaching by Meta, Oakland, CA

“Before, I was thinking it was going to be more of a lecture type of conference. During the conference I found it truly inspirational, intimate and supportive. After the conference, I was inspired to embrace my authentic self in everything I do”
-Chelsea Wang, Oasis Law Group, San Francisco, CA

“As a healing practitioner I hear stories of struggle and grief everyday. Coming here was so inspirational to hear women who have made it to the other side”
-Beth Osmer, Depth Hypnosis, San Francisco, CA

“Great job, Mary! This was an amazing experience of transformation, learning and fun! Thank you for inviting me to Speak Your Truth as one of the speakers. I truly enjoyed the journey with other powerful women in the room! Thank you for sharing your truth with us in love and acceptance”
-Sahar, The Bright Side of Life, San Ramon, CA

“What an amazing sacred space for healing! So much love and so little ego…Beautiful! The stories were inspiring. The experiential sessions were profound”
-Helen McConnell, PurposeProsperityHappiness.com, Portland, OR

“This event was transformational for me watching women come alive and laying down their inhibitions to be powerful women in a bond of true sisterhood in a safe, loving, and sacred enviornment”
-Ralene Berry, Ralene Speaks, Conroe, TX

“Excellently organized. Great speakers and facilitators. Very inspirational. I came away with great contacts for future joint ventures”
-Diane Kluft, Novato, CA

“I believe in the power of women to transform the world. To reconnect the women family with its source. When we gather and tell our truth, this changes us, and we pass it on. This event is a powerful opportunity for this transformation. Let’s have more of that”
-Michael Anna Conley, Habits Into Health, Lafayette, CA

“I was not supposed to be here, and the powers rearranged it, so I had to be here…and I am so glad that happened. After the first hour I knew this was no accident! My heart sang and danced again like it hasn’t in years, and I can breathe! Thank you, Mary for fully giving your heart and dreams so we can do the same!”
-Lynne Sagen, San Jose, CA

“Mary Liu succeeded in establishing a community of supportive women (“overcomers”) with this interactive conference/workshop. It was a safe place to share and grow. Unlike “networking” functions, we were all encouraged to share our authentic selves and appreciate each other for being who were are, regardless of other achievements or problems”
-Candy Campbell, Candy Campbell and Company, Concord, CA

“I came to this confernece as a specatator and left a real participant because I was deeply touched by the speakers and impressed with the wonderful facilitators”
-Sandra Edwards, Oakland, CA

“What an amazing weekend with such powerful, loving, and inspirational women. Mary created a space of safety and learning. The experiential activities helped me release pain I have held for a long time. The speakers were incredible, being vulnerable and open, sharing their shame and their triumpth, and their challenges which gave us permission to feel our pain and inspiration. Thank you, Mary, for such a powerful and transformational weekend that I will be benefiting from and learning from for years to come. What an honor to be in the presence of greatness”
-Tracy Wiseman, Concord, CA

“This event was amazing! I really loved all of the experiential exercises. The mindshift for me was around not needing to put on my mask that “I have it all together”. I can connect with people on a much different and deeper level when I aunthentically share my truth. The women were so special! This event attracted such extraordinary women”
-Debbie Hoffman, Gia Wellness, San Ramon, CA

“In my day to day life I forget the power of women coming together as sisters. The conference reminded me of the importance of community. I am inspired to love bigger, be even more vulnerable, and lean on my sisters more often. It was a beautiful weekend and I am thrilled to have been a part of it! Thank you!”
-Kara Mckay, Sacred Sassy Life, Seattle, WA

“My biggest learning experience was the acceptance from all these women who attended without judgement. It’s good to know that as a woman we have so much power and tools inside that we can use to have our voice heard, be seen, be valuable, and be the woman we want to be, with purpose”
-Rita Aguilar, Unforgettable Thoughts, San Jose, CA

“Empower women, connection, sisterhood, great experience in life. To learn that we are not alone in hard times. Knowing we build the friendship, and sisterhood relationship, we have all the women here to support us, to back us up”
-Kerry Yu, O’Pearl Brands, Portland, OR

“Speak Your Truth is a wonderful way to connect with heart centered, kind, beautiful entrepreneurs that are supportive of all that you are doing. Listening to these stories of courage and triumpth was inspirational. Here is a community that I am grateful to be a part of”
-Maria Danly, Legendary Leaders, Mill Valley, CA

“I learned it is okay to show what I am truly feeling and experiencing. Before the conference, I held my secrets close to my heart and held them within. During the conference, I began to loosen that grip, and after the conference, I feel free and unfettered!”
-CJ Jones, CJ Speaking and Coaching, Novato, CA

“This conference reaffirmed my journey to transform my shame stories with empowerment and transformation. The speakers were powerful in their vulnerability. I feel moved, connected, and excited”
-Iris Shalloworth-Grayling,The Empowered Empress, Albany, CA

“During the event, I learned a lot about myself and the things that were holding me back. I also experienced a support system through growing a group of new sisters in just two days”
-Adreanna Estigory, Student

“Mary Liu brought together a powerful group of speakers and experiential facilitators. From the moment I arrived I knew it was going to be a transformational experience, and it was!”
-Yronne Ohumukini, Hula for the Soul, Campbell, CA

“Mary, this was phenomenal and I am so happy for you. I am proud to be your friend. I am honored to have been chosen to be one of the speakers. You created a super incredible blend of speakers, healers, and women. You planned this event beautifully. Mary, what a beautiful woman you are inside and out”
-Rosie Aiello, ClearVistaConsulting, San Francisco,CA

“There is a life transforming power of women coming together in a safe and sacred space to share their stories of pain, trauma and triumph. This conference opens the door to belong to a sisterhood committed to changing the world. What a joy, honor, and blessing to witness and be witnessed in our healing journeys”
-Nikkea B. Devida, Soaring Entrepreneur Inc., Ventura,CA

“Amazing gathering of women; authentic, moving, and powerful. I received love from so many lovely women who are models of what is possible when we confront our pain and shame. This event helped in healing and to free our voices! May this movement sweep the world, liberating our planet from women suffering everywhere”
-Cara Cordoni, Flashlight Coaching, San Francisco, CA

“To feel you are with sisters who have gone through so much similar stories. We have different stories, but it feels like we are walking in the same shoes. I am realizing the importance to share and help others to do the same”
-Hedda Adler, Walnut Creek, CA

“I’ve been to a lot of women’s conferences and I usually am turned off by the overtones of selling. I often end up leaving early due to a lack of connection and a feeling of missing integrity and forgetting the bigger purpose by the organizers. This was VERY different. I connectd with so many women who were all saying how special and raw and real this conference was. My heart is full and I am another level or three lighter!”
-Rosalyn Fay, Eve Tv

“Mary and team- the weekend event was phenomenal. It was full of inspiration and powerful messages that made a difference in my life”

“The message is clear that as women we suffer if we don’t speak our truth. The truth could be our values, could be our shame, or whatever it is. The key thing is we want to get this voice out so that we can be free and we can honor who we truly are”
-Kimichi Chun, Ripple Impact Coaching, San Jose, CA

“I attend and also present at conferences regularly. The personal power of this event, the vulnerability of the people, the flow of the event to allow real access to each other and ourselves is one of the most unique and fantastic conferences I’ve been to. I cannot wait until next year”
-Jill Lublin, PublicityCrashCourse.com, Novato, CA

“Speak Your Truth conference was more than another speaking opportunity. It was a transformational event in my life and the ability to connect and try new techniques and ideas in a safe environment”
-Tonya Hofman, Public Speakers Association, Austin, TX

“When I got to the event, it was to support Mary Liu. I didn’t realize that while I was listening to other speakers, I would uncover other parts of my story that I had forgotten about or didn’t realize were important. I am walking away with a newfound strength to want to share my story with others. This was an amazing conference, Mary outdid herself, and I am so glad I was here to support her”
-Marie Wallace, Second Act Success, Folsom, CA

“I feel genuinely impressed by this experience. The knowledge I gained has helped give me the tools to take back my own power. I also feel like I’ve been blessed with knowledge that I can spread. Thank you, Mary, you are an inspiration”
-Rachel Swartbaugh

“Speak Your Truth Conference gracefully provided such moments for ackowledgements and release in a safe circle of support”
-Laura Dana Lopez, Novato, CA